Smoked Meats

All of our animals are raised with no steroids, hormones or antibiotics. All smoked meats are not shelf stable and need to be refrigerated. Orders are shipped on Monday.

Below is more information about our different products:

Beef Jerky $17.00 per ½ lbs

  • Regular: For those just plain and simple

  • Peppered: Looking for something with that black pepper? We have it

  • Teriyaki: Savory and sweet then this one is a winner!

  • Sweet Hot: We Bring the Sweet and the Heat! Customer Favorite!

  • All of our beef jerky has to be refrigerated do to no nitrates or preservatives!

Pepperoni $8.00 per 1/2lbs package – Our all Beef pepperoni is amazing! (at least we think it is). We mix, season, and stuff our pepperoni to ensure we produce a quality product we feel our customers deserve. Like all our products there are NO nitrates or preservatives or fillers in our pepperoni. Below are the available flavors:

  • Regular: Just your basic pepperoni with a little kick! We keep it simple and delicious and make sure that we make each batch the same as the last by hand every time!

  • Jalapeño: Do you like spicy without the burning heat? Then this is the flavor for you! We use fresh jalapeño flakes to add the flavor of the jalapeño with-out the heat! Don’t Believe us then give it a try next time you are in!

  • Jalapeño with cheese: Yep! You read that right we took our popular jalapeño and then we mixed in our own smoked cheese making an already good pepperoni an awesome pepperoni!

  • Spicy: Here at Lind’s Custom Meats we do not believe is blowing the heads off our customers with extreme heat. We want you to be able to enjoy your pepperoni and come back for more. But for those that find the jalapeño still too mild try our spicy with a habanero kick!

  • Teriyaki: Our Customers asked and asked… So we thought if everyone else can make it well then we can make it even better! We created a teriyaki stick that is sweet and salty (not too salty) just the right amount for us to slap a label on it and call it a Lind’s Product!

Beef Stick $10.00 per 1/3rd stick: A family recipe that has been around for years here at Lind’s Custom Meats. This is an amazing beef smoked stick with crushed red pepper and mustard seed to set it apart from all the others.

T&T Summer Sausage $10.00 per 1/3rd stick: What happens when Tony Lind comes into the shop with a homemade summer sausage stick and we taste it? Well we take it to a whole new level! We hand mix it with fresh crushed garlic and fresh black pepper then stuff it into our large beef stick casing and smoking it in our smokehouse. 

Smoked Cheese $5.00 per 4oz block: This is the cheese that people show up for at the farmers’ markets for. We take a block of mild cheddar, place it in our smokehouse, and let the magic happen!

Landjaeger $10.00 per 1/2lbs. pkg: You can never go wrong with a good landjaeger. We have both mild and spicy options for those that like a German style pepperoni that has more snap.