We offer full custom cutting on your beef, pigs and lamb! Once your animal has aged the proper amount of time we'll need some instructions from you on how you would like to have your animal processed. Below are a few cut sheets for you to fill out and send to us. If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to give us a call.

INSTRUCTIONS WHEN SPLITTING A 1/2 OF A BEEF INTO 1/4- When splitting a 1/2 of a beef into 1/4’s for families to share, it is imperative that the beef is cut “Standard”. This is the only way that we can assure both parties are getting equal amounts/ cuts of meat. Below is an example of a “standard” cut list for beef. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask when giving your cutting instructions to a staff member.

 PLEASE NOTE: As of September 2019 ALL hamburger beef (beef to be butchered and ground into all burger) are $150.00 kill fee and $0.85 per lb to cut and wrap!

Wild Game Processing

Here at Lind’s we make sure to take care of the hunters. Whether you have just shot your first animal or your 50th. We're here for you and excited to processes your game. We have the crew to process Deer, Elk, Bear, Moose, and Cougar (yes cougar!).

From fresh cuts to pepperoni to jerky, we can do it all for you out of your wild game! All that we ask is that hunters bring in wild their own game and make sure your animal is skinned/cleaned (see example to the right, no hair, no dirt, etc).

Wild Game Processing Fees

  • Deer: $125.00 (Flat fee, Custom cut how you like and wrapped)

    • Deer over 140lbs: $140.00

  • Elk, Moose, Bear, Cougar: $.95 per lb. (Custom cut and wrapped only!)

  • Minimum Charge to process game: $50.00

  • Salvage or "road kill" animals: $1.00 per lb. due to the steps needed to process these animals.

Note: The prices above do not include the cost of making specialty meats out of your game jerky, pepperoni, etc... Please see prices below for specialty meats with your game animal. 

Wild Game Sausage Fees

Love pepperoni and jerky? We can take your wild game and turn it into an amazing smoked product! All prices are current and now include vacuum sealing of all specialty meats. It also includes seasoning, casings and pork that is needed to make your wild game sausage.

  • Jerky: $6.00 per lb. Note: We base this price off of your starting weight. Once the jerky process is complete you will retain 50% of your original weight due to the shrinkage of your original product.

  • Pepperoni: $5.25 per lb. Note: With pepperoni you are going to retain 70% of your original starting weight.

  • Summer Sausage: $4.95 per lb. Note: this is a 100% return on your wild game.

  • Landjaeger: $5.75 per lb. Yes! We can make landjaeger out of your wild game! Due to the process of this it is a 40% return on your game.

Attention Bird Hunters! We DO NOT clean and process your birds! If you would like us to make jerky or pepperoni from your ducks or geese, then they need to come to us cleaned and ready to process! 

Attention Hunters! There is a 10lb. minimum on all sausage to make out of your wild game. And there is a 5lbs minimum in order for us to make jerky out of your wild game!

Processing Costs

BEEF - $145 Kill Fee

Cut & Wrap - $0.70lb

You Wrap - $0.50lb

Hamburger Beef – $0.85lb cut/wrap

PORK - $85 Kill Fee, 3+ $80 PER

Cut & Wrap - $.70lb

You Wrap - $.50lb

Smoking - $58 (2 Hocks, 2 Hams, 2 Bacons)

LAMB - $175 Kill Fee

Due to an increase cost from our rendering plant and the global price reduction of hides we have had to increase our rates starting September 1, 2019.