Fresh Meats and Products

We are a fully custom meat processing business! We carry a variety of meats, see the list below for a full rundown of all our meats options. All products are not shelf stable, they need to be refrigerated. All online orders ship on Monday.

Ground Beef $5.98 per lb.: We produce a lean ground beef in our shop that is hand trimmed, ground and wrapped on site. Stop in for 1 lb. or 2! 

Home Cured Bacon $7.00 per lb.: Our bacon in brined and smoked in house. We do not use any nitrates or preservatives! Once it's finished in our smokehouse we hand slice it to a medium thickness and then wrap it in 1lb packages! I bet a BLT sounds good right about now huh? 

Fresh ground Breakfast Sausage $4.00 per lbs.: Jimmy Dean can take a back seat on Lind’s Breakfast sausage! Fresh pork is ground and mixed by hand with our custom made medium spices.

Bratwurst $8.00 per pkg of 4 links: These bratwursts are amazing and fresh! We start with fresh pork, grind the meat by hand and apply some light seasoning. Finally, we stuff the links, vacuum seal them to ensure that they stay fresh, and they're ready for your next BBQ! 

German Sausage $8.00 per pkg of 4 links: We take fresh pork and grind it here in the shop when then mix in our special blend of seasonings and stuff the sausage into links. But wait, we are not done yet! When then take the extra step of lightly smoking the sausage in our smoke house to give them added flavor.

Steaks and Custom Cuts (Prices vary based on market and availability): Throughout the year and summer we try to keep various steaks on hand for our customers. We carry New York Steaks, Rib Eyes, and even Top Sirloin! Give us a call or stop in and see what we have on hand.

Whole Animals: We'd love to sell you a beef by the whole, ¼ or the ½ of beef. Prices vary on the market at the time and we will custom cut it anyway you would like.