Farm Butchering

We offer full mobile farm slaughtering and custom processing Beef, Hogs and Lambs. What to expect when we come out for a mobile slaughter:

  • We have a full service mobile slaughter truck that will come out to your farm or location.

  • Once there the crew will put your animal down using a humane method to make it quick and painless for your animal.

  • Once down the crew will go to work to make sure that we get the animal dressed and clean and into our truck in a timely fashion

  • All of the guts as well as the hide are then loaded into the kill truck and we then bring everything to the shop for disposal. We ensure that there is little evidence of a farm slaughter on your property!

Things to know:

  • January - September we are only able to schedule slaughtering appointments on Thursdays during the week.

  • After September we switch to slaughtering on Thursdays and Fridays. You have to call to schedule an appointment in enough time to get scheduled and on a slaughtering route that we have available.

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to slaughter your animal and take it too another processing facility. If we slaughter it, we will process it as well.

  • In the event you have an emergency cow slaughter, we will not kill "downer cows". Meaning that the animal must be standing on all fours.

  • If we come to slaughter a Lamb we are unable bring any of the guts or hide back with us to dispose of them.