Frequently Asked Questions

What is your preferred form of payment?

We prefer cash or check! We are able to process credit cards, but we have a 3% processing fee.

How long does it take to process my wild game animal? 

During the season, we are processing hundreds of animals. The time it takes to process an animal varies based on how many animals we currently have.
During the hunting season we ask that you do not call to check to see if your animal is done. We are hard at work getting everyone’s orders processed. We'll give you a call as soon as we complete it!

Why aren't your answering the phone at the office?

If you call us and no one answers the phone, we apologize! It's likely that we're all busy either hanging wild game, processing wild game, or signing in wild game (especially during hunting season). Please leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience in advance.

Is there and after hours drop for hunters bringing in wild game? 

During the hunting season, you'll usually find one of us in the shop till 7pm during the week. If you need to drop an animal off, please call and let us know. We'll work out a time that will work for both of us.

How do you raise your beef and pigs? 

We raise all-natural animals! No steroids, no hormones, or antibiotics.We use top quality grain without all of the things that you read on the internet.

How soon do I need to pick up my meat once it is finished? 

Space in our freezers is limited and unfortunately we cannot store your meat for weeks at a time. We ask that you pick up your meat within 3-4 days of being notified. 

Do you weight my deer?

We charge a flat fee to process the majority of the deer that come into the shop. If your deer weighs over 140lbs, we will incur an extra processing fee. This is rare, so we don't normally need to weigh all the deer that come into our shop.

What do I need to transport my meat home in? 

On arrival, your meat will be frozen in one of our crates.We have to keep them on site for other customers to use, so we ask that you bring boxes or a cooler for transport. Unfortunately, we don't always have boxes on hand.

Does my deer need to be skinned and cleaned? 

Yes please! We wish we had the time, but during hunting season we are busy processing hundreds of orders. We're known for our high meat standards here at Lind’s Custom Meats, so we need your help to get your game ready to hang and process. See the below image for a great example: